Zyda Law Gas Storage and Transmission Workshop 2015

Profession:Zyda Law

June 2015 sees the return of the 9th annual Gas Storage and Transmissions Conference. The conference provides delegates with a comprehensive overview of the market, looking at the current state of the European Gas Market and security of supply, gas transmission, new commission regulations and the flexibility of the UK market.

We are delighted to announce that Zyda Law will be hosting a workshop on"Consenting Gas Developments: Authorisation route maps" at this conference. The workshop will provide an interactive forum to discuss the legal issues and prevailing policies regulating gas storage and transmissions in the UK and across Europe. The session will focus on security of supply, achieving development consent for nationally significant infrastructure projects through the Planning Act 2008 process and the role of regulators.

We realise that understanding the legal aspects and policies relating to gas storage and transmissions in the UK and Europe can seem overwhelming. Therefore, this workshop will provide an overview of the prevailing legal process and policy with an opportunity for discussion and debate around the core issues. It will also focus on Zyda Law's experience in achieving consent for recent CCGT projects and an ongoing application for development consent for an underground gas storage project in Cheshire.

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