Zimbabwe: Time to focus on nation-building.

Author:Choruma, Allen
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

Zimbabwe is facing serious economic and political challenges post-Mugabe. This is a call for Zimbabwean men and women to put their differences aside and work towards building this nation into prosperity so that all can share in the country's wealth and at the same time, set aside more wealth for generations to come.

These are trying times for our young, 38-year-old democracy. Zimbabwe needs men and women of honour who are prepared to shed their personal interests and in their stead, place national interests first. Our mettle as a nation is being put to test.

It's upon our leaders to show their true character--whether they are going to consume their energy fighting each other or joining hands and fighting for nation-building, democracy, development and poverty alleviation.

It's upon Zimbabwean folks to show their character--whether they are going to incite division, hate speech or spread malice through social media or spend their time productively--building bridges and uplifting those who are hurt, bereaved, despondent and hopeless.

Our values as...

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