Zambia to elect Sata's successor.

Author:Dalby, Alexa
Position:GOVERNANCE - Michael Sata

Following Zambia's President Michael Sata's death at the age of 77 on 28th October in a London hospital, and after lying in state in Lusaka, he was buried in Lusaka on 11th November. The charismatic Zambian politician formed the Patriotic Front party in 2001 and was deemed its lifeblood.

Vice President Guy Scott is acting leader until elections are held within 90 days. He became the first white African head of state since the end of apartheid in South Africa in 1994. Scott joined the Zambian government under President Kenneth Kaunda in the 1960s as a planner in the Finance Ministry. In 2001 he joined forces with Michael Sata to form the PF party.

According to the constitution, Scott does not qualify as a presidential candidate in the election because his Scottish parents were not...

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