XeLDA v2.0.

Position:Tools - From Xerox Multilingual Knowledge Management Solutions' Xerox Linguistic Development Architecture 2.0

Xerox Multilingual Knowledge Management Solutions have released version two of its linguistic engine, Xerox Linguistic Development Architecture (XeLDA).

XeLDA consists of a set of natural language processing services providing a set of tools for application developers and integrators enabling a range of text processing functions in up to 17 languages. This allows companies to incorporate a range of processes into their applications based on accurate analysis and comprehension.


XeLDA is a set of tools which can be incorporated into applications and provide text processing in several different languages by applying linguistic theory and science. Potential applications include text analysis, enhanced search capacities, terminology extraction, authoring tools, translation processes or Multilingual Document Management. XeLDAC services support Western European languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), several Eastern Europe languages (Hungarian, Polish, Russian) and Northern Europe languages (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian -Bokmal and Nynorsk-, Swedish). Version 2.6 includes a new sentence segmentation service, enhanced performance, and the capability to generate results in XML format, Chinese and Czech language support and availability of C++/Java APIS.


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