Wow factor chunky jewellery.


Accesorising is very much part of any woman's fashion passion. This time of the year, what's hot is chunky jewellery and simple yet gorgeous handbags. For the New African Woman, we introduce our own home-grown Nigerian jewellery and handbag designer Anne-Rose Mordi (below left) who has developed her own unique must-have style-just like the other stunning creations on this and the following pages.

When our reporter Clayton Goodwin went to meet Anne-Rose Mordi, he got the message loud and clear. "I've always had an eye for the elegantly accessorised lady and had certain ideas I felt could enhance the images I saw and experienced," she told him.

Anne-Rose is a self-taught Nigerian jewellery artisan and designer based in London. Her designs are heavily inspired by her extensive travels and her wealth of life experiences which have meant spending time with people from different cultures. Her intuitive inspirations and clever designs can be found in familiar and recognisable things: from the beauty of fresh flowers, her surroundings, love for fashion, nature's colours and bold use of colours.


Anne, who has had no formal training in the art and science of jewellery design, rightly believes that Africa, being the cradle of civilisation, has influenced all forms of creativity. "My jewellery is not exempt. The rich textures, colours and imagery of Africa find expression in my work. My aim is to seamlessly capture and incorporate the African elegance with a Western twist. Also, I'm using my jewellery as a platform to share the African culture with the...

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