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Author:Mohamed, Dounia Ben
Position:Special Focus

Roads, bridges, hospitals and commercial centres ... to the creation of new cities. Africa is at work! But nevertheless, the infrastructure deficit remains one of the continent's main challenges, to the tune of 130 to 170 billion dollars in annual investments. That's for today. For tomorrow, it will be even more as the African population is set to double, as are its needs. Once again, we must innovate, think local, and think smart! Such is the trend. Report compiled by Dounia Ben Mohamed (with the Africa News Agency)

The continent will have to mobilise between 130 and 170 billion dollars in annual investments in order to resolve its infrastructure deficits, said Vera Songwe, executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa (EGA), on the fringes of the 521"1 Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, which took place in Marrakesh in March. The infrastructure deficit demonstrated by the continent is one of the main obstacles to its economic emergence.

But nevertheless, Africa is hard at work! In its vast conurbations and within the territories, construction work is proliferating. As well as roads, bridges, schools and hospitals built by the African States, there are residential buildings, commercial and business centres, and other buildings designed by property developers. There are even whole new cities being created. These new cities, which include living space, and places for work and leisure, comply with the new international construction standards and even exceed them through the use of innovative new technologies. And in doing so, they offer "turnkey solutions" to the various issues that African States are facing due to increasing urbanisation and the challenges this presents in terms of sanitation, traffic, sustainable development and financing. These "smart cities" are multiplying across the continent, with ambitious projects inspired by Konza Technology City, about sixty kilometres from Nairobi, also known as Silicon Savannah. This not just a new city--it is a sketch of tomorrow's Africa. And in neighbouring Rwanda there is Kigali Innovation City, which aspires to become the Mecca for Made in Africa innovation. Another pharaonic project currently under construction is Diamniadio, a shop window to the emerging Senegal.

Solutions from China, France, Morocco or Turkey

This is the model operating in Africa--integrated projects, from conception to delivery, via financing. Under one of the...

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