Woman power.

Author:Ondekova, Marcela
Position:Readers' views - Letter to the editor

What a disappointment your article entitled, "Woman Power" (NA, July) was. I bought the magazine (at London's Stansted airport) with an expectation of learning more about the leadership women provide in the transformation of the African continent today. However, what I found was just a bunch of stereotypes and lame arguments provided in a very unbalanced way.

The lead article does not analyse the issue of women's participation in leadership in the contemporary Africa. The author, Tom Mbakwe, does not care what women in leadership positions think and do.

Similarly, we can see lots of colourful pictures of First Ladies in the lead article, but we hardly learn anything about these Ladies, their contributions or roles. Leadership in his view is a male thing. And yes indeed, almost the entire lead article is about men and their urges!

Unfortunately, even the subsequent articles do not provide justice to the subject of women and power. What we get in those pages are little bits of information on "some" First Ladies. What is worse, anything meaningful they have achieved is dwarfed by the lead article which has nothing to do with women, power or leadership.

The lead article revolves basically around one thing only. Sex. Sex that men need and need badly. The issue of women's impact on leadership somehow gets sidelined.

What a denigrating view of women does the author intend to promote. The world is finally becoming more serious about respecting women as human beings with skills, talents and the potential to influence the future of humankind, and above all, as individuals entitled to have rights equal to men.

But no, we read that a woman is just a thing to give a man sexual satisfaction! When she "fulfils her role", the world is in balance!

The conclusion of the author's "analysis" of woman power? It is sexual power!

Bizarre as it is, still, how can anyone claim that a woman, being a First Lady, has power over man through sex? In a gender-unbalanced society (and this means everywhere on the globe), most men have access to sex easily. Let alone powerful men. If they don't get it at home, there are many other women at their disposal.

The "downfall" of Dominique Strauss-Khan is not due to sexual power, but because the people in at least some parts of the world do not want to tolerate the impunity of...

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