Witness Miner.

Position:Data systems

WITNESS Miner a new tool within the WITNESS business simulation and optimisation family offers the ability to detect hidden patterns in datasets in a manner claimed to be unique in the current data analysis market. The new tool from Lanner Group provides knowledge from raw data through for analysis and role evaluation, also offering data modelling and facility for reporting. WITNESS Miner, allows an exploration of data to determine fundamental relationships that affect business.

Data such as breakdown data, people flows and tables of simulation results may include many hidden patterns which need to be understood to construct accurate models and take wide ranging decisions. tanner has already engaged in a number of successful applications of such data mining techniques. In the medical sector the company has used data mining to analyse a database of clinical records for diabetes patients. This identified patterns in the rules found and described a scenario not generally known by the medical community. In a Customer Relationship Management application, for a major breakdown and recovery service provider. Lanner's data mining tools flagged-up cross selling opportunities to identify customers with the best chance to sell new financial...

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