Wigs and other ludicrous relics.

Author:Yungai, Muhammad
Position:Readers' Views: LETTERS & COMMENTS - Brief article - Letter to the editor

I am an African-American who is an avid reader of New African magazine. The January 2018 cover featuring the new Zimbabwean President, Emmerson Mnangagwa brought flooding back to me something that I find very troubling. In the picture with him (ostensibly swearing him in) is a judge wearing one of the colonial European wigs which I imagine is a symbol of judicial investiture. In the vernacular of today's youth: what's up with that?

Even old white guys look stupid wearing these wigs. "Negroes" look downright ludicrous! New African has had pictures of magistrates and barristers from Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and other Anglophone countries sporting such garb. I have told people that on the first day of Independence, I would have burned these symbols, which in my opinion, are inimical to African culture and sensibilities.

Are these countries really independent or not? As Africans who have had our name, language, culture and religion forcibly taken from us...

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