Why Mobile Transcription Will Be the Next Trend in the Transcription Market.

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Transcription is the conversion of the spoken word into written form, and in recent years, transcription services have become increasingly accurate, with recent findings showing that human-driven transcription services can now achieve accuracy rates of almost 100%. The introduction of recording devices such as dictaphones largely removed the need for transcribers to be present where their work is taking place. Furthermore, with the arrival of smartphones and tablets, the transcription industry greatly improved in terms of efficiency and quality.

Over the last decade, smart devices have undergone a vast range of improvements in terms of technological improvements. Transcription services are no exception, and many providers--both human and Al-driven--now offer a number of mobile apps to improve the turnaround time and quality of their transcriptions.

Previously, transcription services were mainly used by medical professionals and journalists. However, with the rise of the mobile transcription app, they have branched out into other fields--these include HR where professionals can record job interviews and meetings, academia to record lectures, and social media for businesses to boost their SEO rankings via video subtitles and closed captions.

GoTranscript, a human-driven transcription provider, has recently issued a number of major updates to its Android and iOS mobile apps. To improve the user experience it has improved its apps functionality and made the transcription process easier now the user simply has to place their device in the room where they wish to record, hit the record button, then simply upload their recording to be transcribed by pressing the...

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