Why land reform has stalled in Ghana.

Author:Panford, Kwamina
Position:Reader's Views: LETTERS & COMMENTS - Brief article - Letter to the editor

I'm responding to the piece by David Wood 'How to start a fight in a peaceful country' (New African, December 2017). As much as this is an important piece, Wood left out some critical issues. These pertain to the fact that since and in April-May 1983 especially, when Ghana turned to the IMF/World Bank and became the darling 'pupil' of Western donors, not much has been initiated, led and sustained locally or nationally.

Your writer should have informed your readers that the Land Reform Program (LAP) that cost $100m was mostly a World Bank financed programme. Why should a Ghanaian government care if it did not pay for a project?

Thus, like most things in contemporary Africa, elections, democracy/governance and land reform, oil revenue management, sanitation, road safety, health, education and national budgets have become so...

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