Why is it important to invest in the professional printing market in Ghana?


Some 56% of corporate customers in Ghana often use providers in foreign countries for their printing requirements. This finding in a recent study of professional printing in the country by Millward Brown highlights a huge shortage for this market segment.

However, the research also points out that 97% of printing companies and 96% of corporate customers strongly believe that business in Ghana will grow exceptionally in the next three to five years. These numbers are a testament to the overall optimism of local companies and to the great potential that the niche market has.

Additionally, 69% of printing companies said that they would like to invest in technology to grow their business, while 64% of surveyed companies said they could be persuaded to have more material printed in Ghana if printing quality improved.

Bridging the gap

Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA), a leader in imaging solutions, has realised the potential for this market and recently signed a partnership agreement with Invest in Africa to help bridge this gap. The company plans to launch the Canon "Professional Print Excellence" programme aimed at training and mentoring small and medium-sized printing companies (SMEs) in Ghana.

The project is designed to address the key challenges in business operations, and assist printing companies with their daily requirements. Some of the challenges include the difficulty to acquire machine parts and servicing items from only a few service providers resulting in lead time delays. CCNA also aims to enhance the provisions of digital and screen printing, and address the lack of capacity or technology to manage these jobs.

Roman Troedthandl, Managing Director, CCNA, said: "In-house printing departments are extremely scarce among many corporates in Ghana, which is a huge loss for the country given the growth potential for the...

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