Who are the people of Libya?

Author:Minde, Nicodemus M.
Position:Readers' views - Letter to the editor

We welcome back "Baffour's Beefs". The events that jolted him out of his long hibernation, as he put it, are grave (NA, May). They needed Baffour's contextual analysis. His dissections of the situations in Libya and Cote d'lvoire are what many NA readers have been waiting for. His columns never disappoint and as an avid pan-Africanist, Baffour nailed the point home by unpacking the conceptual issues around identifying the "people of Libya".

NATO's intervention in Libya is another event that reminds us who the West are and Africa's standing in the international system. In addition, it also reminds us of the elusive quest of reforming the United Nations Security Council as regards Africa's...

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