Whither our leaders?

Author:Calistus, Egbuchulam
Position:Letters - Letter to the Editor

I appreciate K. Addai-Addai's sincere and frank admittance that their generation has failed the African youth of today (NA, Oct). But the same cannot be said of many African leaders, past and present, who see and brand themselves as heroes of Africa.

Their lack of idealism, self-sacrifice and dedication to public service have led to a foundation of corruption, tribalism and wars. Rather than sacrifice for the future of Africa, they have slaughtered Mother Africa and her youth on their altar of self-importance, greed, envy, vanity, lust, betrayal and faithlessness.

Millions of Africans have lost their lives and homes in senseless wars, and millions more are likely to do so, with Ethiopia and Eritrea (NA, Oct) warming up to continue a useless war that has already...

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