When push comes to shove.

Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

I enjoyed Danielle Cohen's article "Catch-50,000" (January/February). A clearer statement from the head of ethics at a professional institute would be hard to find. I sympathise with the person she was advising, because I have been in the same sort of situation myself. Unfortunately, I suspect that he already knew everything that she was telling him but was still struggling to find a solution.

I have no wish to offer advice, but I can say what I have done in similar circumstances. Some clients want their accountant to tell their lies to the taxman just as criminals want their lawyers to tell their lies to the court. When I found I could not believe one of my clients, I had a simple choice: increase the sales by an appropriate amount--there were obviously "cash jobs" (unbooked sales)--or get out. If my client reluctantly agreed to the former option (he did), perhaps he...

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