What a travesty.

Author:Tembo, Mwizenge S.
Position:Letters - Letter to the Editor

As a Zambian who was born and grew up in a village, and has continued to conduct scholarly social research in my home country for the past 25 years. I was appalled that such vile trash produced by Sorious Samura was associated with my country and Africans. How could he produce such a thing to besmirch 10 million Zambians and all Africans?

After calming down, I concluded that there is nothing new here. Africans and the people of African descent will continue to be victims of Western voyeuristic sensational reporting as long as not a single African has the ability to sue in Western courts and challenge the veracity of the statements and the claims made.

I don't want to hear the usual Western chorus dignifying this trash by saying that any opposition to it is stifling the press and compromising freedom of...

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