What are leaders doing about the new African slaves?

Author:Obegi, Benjamin
Position:Reader's Views: LETTERS & COMMENTS - Letter to the editor

The revelation in your cover story, 'Africa's New Slave Trade' (New African, February 2018) that young Africans are being solid for a pittance in Libya may have shocked the international world but it is not evident that African leaders felt the pain of a dream turned mirage, if they were even if at all shocked.

That young Africans have lost hope in their motherland and are now taking the dangerous trip across the waters should be enough to galvanise our leaders into creative action--but one can bet that this will not happen in the near future.

In Africa, leaders are content with looking for avenues to extend presidential terms and not at the troubles of the well-educated youth.

Whereas other nations are seizing the moment by taking advantage of the population dividend as a result of high youth numbers, African leaders are busy seeing them as a menace.

So far, the only policy initiative has been to give motorbikes to the youth to use as taxis and putting them on the highway to death.

A quick glance at our cities and towns shows the hopelessness of the youth, just waiting to erupt into violence.

The biggest question is if leaders are bold enough to go beyond mere tokenism and craft policies to inspire...

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