Western media bias.

Author:Oduenyi, Valentine
Position:Your views and news - Letter to the editor

Using "bias" to describe the Western media's attitude towards Africa is an understatement. It is too subtle a word. Malignant conspiracy is a more appropriate description. As someone who spent nearly 30 years living in Africa, I can profess that I know the continent pretty well. Africa is not a paradise. Indeed, no other continent is!

However, the level of negative publicity which the Western media heap on Africa is to say the least, deplorable. They are nothing but pugnacious pornographic rubbish, whose ultimate aim is to vilify en masse. Most portrayals have racist undertones. Those who know Africa not only cringe at the level of this disservice, but gape with disdain at the diligence with which some of these contrived "reports" are maliciously orchestrated.

CNN and BBC are among the biggest culprits...

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