'WE WANT TO ENERGISE OUR PEOPLE TO MAKE A MASSIVE DIFFERENCE IN OUR BUSINESS': Interview with Edna Malavolonek, Head of HR, Aggreko Africa: Aggreko's Head of Human Resources for Africa talks to us about the company's main priorities for the talent agenda, how the company deals with its internal communications and what she is doing to support the diversity of the business.

Position:Talent Matters: The Employee Experience - Interview

What are Aggreko's top priorities for the talent agenda?

There are three main areas that I would describe as part of the talent priorities and plans for Aggreko in Africa.

Leadership development is a critical part of the 2019 plan, as well as the future journey of Aggreko in Africa, because we believe that if we are sure that our leaders are properly trained and developed, they can energise the teams and build capability in the wider organisation. So, there is quite a lot of focus on that area.

The second area I would highlight is building a robust succession plan. So, John Lewis and I have been starting this journey this last year, to ensure that we build a robust succession plan in Africa. We focus our development plans according to that succession plan so we are able to progress talent within the organisation.

The third area I would highlight is around technical development, with significant focus on growing our operations, engineering and sales workforce. If I can give you an example, we have just launched our global technician learning cycle and this is pretty much looking at further developing our technical expertise in operations, which is our core function for the products that we deliver in Africa. This programme envisions providing a consistent and global process, to enable us to:

(1) Understand the levels of technical competence that we have; and,

(2) Roll out the learning and development for our technicians, which will ultimately build strong expertise in the region and delivering excellent service to our customers.

What does the Aggreko culture look like and how do you maintain it?

In terms of the culture, our vision and main ambition is that we want to energise our people to make a massive difference in our business, both today and tomorrow. We believe that by living the Aggreko values and behaviours and cascading those values and behaviours through the organisation, we are able to energise our people into that vision and ambition. We are looking at four areas within the values and behaviours and the culture that we want to promote.

The first one is around expertise. We like our people to grow their expertise and basically be the best they can be at their job. The second one would be about being dynamic because given the pace and the characteristics of our business, as well as the geographical presence, we want people to act like owners and love what they do.

The third one is around innovation. So, we want our people to...

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