We should not be the grass on which elephants fight.

Author:Shah, Kokil. K.
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

James Jeffrey's article, 'A Deadly Game of Chess in the Horn' (January 2019) is a wonderful summary of the power play games for space within the Horn of Africa.

The continent needs to be vigilant and hold its pride; and disallow any competing global powers from playing roles for their own selfish gains. Permission should be discretionary when it comes to permitting any foreign power to gain a foothold. They must have bona fide reasons for economic investment and development.

It is high time that Africa changed its image from a trouble hot-spot, with conflicts and post-election violence; it must become a more stable environment conducive to flourishing economic growth.

The towns and cities of Africa must develop their identities and become popular upmarket tourist destinations with high-end hotels, restaurants and cafes. Tourism is the largest employer of people in Africa today. Encouraging investment in tourism-relatea industries will help promote citizens' quality of life.


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