WAPT load and stress testing solution.

Position:Novosoft WAPT 2.0 - Brief Article

Novosoft Inc. Novosibirsk,Russia has announced WAPT 2.0, a load and stress testing tool that provides a cost-effective way of testing Web sites and intranet applications with Web interface. This solution is designed to help users to launch new Web applications, renew front-ends or back-ends, scale or tune, `the performance of a Web site or intranet application.

Data on how a Web system performs under various load conditions includes:

* The number of concurrent users that can be served by a Web site or intranet application?

* Does it scale as required?

* Which pages are processed too slowly.

* The main bottlenecks that affect performance


WAPT emulates the activity of human users with virtual users. One test run can contain hundreds of virtual users. The behaviour of each virtual user, their number, and other test parameters are specified in a test...

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