We want your heroes and good news.

Position:Dear Readers - Letter to the editor

In the next few months we are going to introduce two new sections to New African, dedicated to (I) African Heroes/Heroines (past, present and from all over the world); and (2) Good News from Africa. But this time, we want you, the readers, to be the writers of these articles.

The "Heroes" section will cover any hero or heroine with African blood in him or her, from Africa and its diaspora (recent and ancient), from all walks of life, not only politics, sports or entertainment. He or she could be a farmer, carpenter, truck driver, etc, so long as his or her work has brought good to the country, society, group, community, etc, he/she is in.

You will write and share his/her story with our readers worldwide, by showing (in 650 words--please...

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