Voice of America.

Author:Otas, Belinda
Position:Book review

Voice of America

By: E.C. Osundu

Published by Granta Books

ISBN: 978-1847-08-1780


Contrary to the title, E.C. Osondu is not serving as the Voice of America and certainly not the spokesman for Nigeria, with his eclectic collection of short stories, chronicling the lives of Africans, at home and in the diaspora. From his Caine Prize winning story, Waiting, to A Letter from Home, and Janjaweed Wife, we delve into a world where survival and the hope for new beginnings ring true for the characters.

In Waiting, we are introduced to Orlando, a young boy in a refugee camp, and through his eyes and voice, we experience what life is like for him and others, who sit around, waiting for food and a saviour from America, to come and relieve them of the pain they are forced into as a result of conflict. Orlando's voice is inviting, you want to know him and hear his story. Beyond his desire to share his story with you, you soon realise the traumatic effects war has on displaced children who find themselves in refugee camps, hoping against all odds for the miracle of a new life.

A Letter from Home on the other hand is the tale of a lamenting Nigerian mother, who is calling on her son based in the US not to put her to shame. Reminding him of his promises to...

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