Video On-Demand Services: Guidance On Advertisements Published

Author:Mr Oliver Price
Profession:Charles Russell LLP

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has published new guidance on the placement of advertisements in video on-demand services.

The guidance was drawn up by CAP in consultation with the Industry Forum, a body established by the Authority for Television On Demand(the industry's independent co-regulator) to represent on-demand service providers.

Video on-demand services can be watched at any time and frequently carry advertisements either around or during content. CAP believes that this presents a risk "that the placement of ads featuring certain themes might cause harm to children, serious or widespread offence to audiences in general, or be socially irresponsible."

Therefore, the guidance has been published in response to a need to enable service providers to better comply with the CAP Code and avoid placing advertisements irresponsibly. It has also provided the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) with the opportunity to address and understand video on-demand issues.

Whilst the ASA will always assess advertising complaints on a case by case basis, the guidance sets out best practice approaches for service providers to best ensure CAP Code compliance. These practical steps include:

The appropriate classification of programmes - the guidance states that service providers should be able to...

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