Unity key to brave new Africa.

Author:Sthall, Andrew

It was heartening to read the views of industrialist Ivor Ichikowitz ('Ivor at Large', NA, December/ January), who is being very bullish about Africa's bargaining position at the global big table.

He presents solid facts and a strong argument as to why Africa finds itself in a powerful position in the changing world order and posits that with a continental free trade area, which will add some $70bn to African economies by 2040, it is no surprise that global superpowers, from the US to China to Russia are wooing the continent.

However, he also warns that "there are still massive risks and challenges for Africa to overcome." Not the least of these is what he describes as a 'fractured continent'--fractured into several regional economic, political and language groupings.

To me this is the main hurdle--as long as Africa speaks with many, often contradictory voices, it will depend on the goodwill of others. Kwame Nkrumah famously warned about this over half a century ago and he was overthrown for his pains.

Nothing has changed. Ichikowitz is...

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