Author:Evans, Daniel
Position:Brief article - Book review

Kevin Eady, Uncontrollable

Los Gatos, CA: Smashwords, 2013. ISBN: 978-1301340941.

Fictionalised memoirs with anarchist themes are not a new phenomenon. With Uncontrollable, Eady has joined Stuart Christie, author of the recent Pistoleros! trilogy, in attempting to promote a renaissance of the genre. Like Christie, Eady has chosen Spain as the setting for his protagonist, Buenaventura 'Coco' Garcia. 'Coco' is an uncontrollable; he is an anarchist militant of the CNT who rejects that organisation's collaboration with the Republican government during the Civil War. Born in Barcelona at the beginning of the 'Tragic Week' of 1909, 'Coco' moves to Casas Viejas, but is absent when the uprising of 1933 results in a massacre of twenty-two of that ill-fated pueblo's inhabitants. Exile...

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