UK trends in cloud adoption point to strong future for Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service: Cloud Industry Forum research shows that further cloud evolution is driving businesses to truly embrace digital transformation.

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According to recent research conducted by the Cloud Industry Forum, UK businesses looking to embrace digital transformation consider the cloud to be a crucial cog in this process. However, the evidence also demonstrates that there is room for the cloud to evolve further, in order to mitigate lingering cloud migration challenges and a desire to keep some resources on-premises. According to HyperGrid, this is where Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service can make a difference.

The CIF research, which polled 250 IT and business decision-makers across a range of UK organisations earlier this year, found that 92 per cent of companies polled consider the cloud to be quite important, very important or critical to their digital transformation strategy, which highlights the appetite for remotely based cloud. However, the survey also revealed that 63 per cent of IT decision-makers that use cloud-based services embrace a hybrid approach, with 43 per cent saying they intend to keep at least some business-critical apps or services on-premises.

Doug Rich, VP of EMEA at HyperGrid, believes that these trends point to the need for an approach which blends the benefits of cloud-based hosting with on-premises infrastructure in a way that goes beyond historic offerings.

Rich said: "CIF's research has underlined just how crucial cloud is in enabling digital transformation, and there is a tangible desire amongst key decision-makers to embrace it on a more wholesale basis. Its core benefits, including the flexibility of consumption-based pricing and the agility it brings by freeing up IT departments to focus on innovation, are already well-documented. Despite this trend, there remains a steadfast need for companies to keep some of their applications and data a little closer to home. Hybrid IT environments have gone some way towards addressing these concerns, but shortcomings in the way we approach cloud and on-premises infrastructure remain. What businesses need is a service that effectively combines...

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