UK'S first blog service.

Position:Internet Focus - Port41's TongueWag

Port41 launched a new web service, TongueWag, ( which is a set of tools that allow users to create and syndicate website content, such as blogs, news pages, product catalogues and intranets. Port41claims to be the first UK-based provider of blog tools and content syndication. TongueWag is an alternative to website programming, and provides businesses and individuals with the ability to manage, update and add interactive features to their sites with little effort. It also makes it easy for visitors to post comments and articles for consideration.


Many sites are updated only two or three times a year and consequently attract very few repeat visits. Using TongueWag, anyone can keep their site constantly updated and interactive with little effort and no specialist knowledge, which increases repeat visits and can give content a much wider audience.'

Content Syndication

TongueWag enables users to syndicate content to any web page with the one-time addition of a single line of code, allowing them to manage content simultaneously on many websites. Whenever content is added to a TongueWag account, every site that contains...

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