UK digital skill shortage.


The UK is facing a digital skills shortage of significant proportions, according to recent research from the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee. If not addressed, organisations that lack the necessary digital skills could run the risk of increased security threats and failed cloud migrations, warns The Bunker.

The Commons Science and Technology Committee found that by 2017, the UK will require 745,000 more workers with digital skills. Organisations, however, are already feeling the effect of this shortage. Similar recent research by Harvey Nash and KPMG found that 65 per cent of CIOs were suffering from a technology skills shortage. This proportion is at the highest level since the Great Recession, almost a decade ago, indicating the gravity of the skills shortage situation.

Phil Bindley argues that the current technology climate makes this skills deficit even more acute:

"The technological capabilities available to business have exploded over the last few years, with big data, analytics, cloud computing, and many more progressions bringing new and exciting possibilities. However, in order to take advantage and deploy these new capabilities securely and effectively, organisations need to have a number of specialised skillsets at their disposal. For example, many organisations are now moving to hybrid cloud models so that they can leverage all the benefits of the cloud whilst having some data stored on-site. This is an inherently complex model, and it requires unique skillsets both throughout the process of adoption and afterwards in maintenance. Our own research indicates that 70 per cent of those who have migrated some data to a cloud infrastructure have already encountered some...

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