UK companies facing the 'importance of IT quality'.

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IDC and Mercury Interactive have published a White Paper entitled "UK companies facing up to the Importance of IT quality: towards a systemic approach". In this White Paper, written as part of a European survey of 450 IT directors of large German, UK and French companies, IDC pays particular attention to the problems facing UK companies with regard to IT quality.

The complexity of IT has increased in direct proportion to its spread throughout the organization. Today, IT is firmly established throughout the organization--even in the company's relations with its partners and clients. The impact of IT on the overall performance of the company is such that implementing an IT quality policy represents a major priority.

IT quality--the weak link:

All the more crucial, because the research demonstrates that IT systems need to be improved: the majority of the companies interviewed as part of this survey (73%) revealed major defects in their IT system including increased application response times (63%), complete unavailability (38%), or only partial availability (59%), of the applications and infrastructures that support them, problems with integrating certain applications and reproducing pre-defined business processes (19%). The consequences of these defects can be even more negative, since today, the information is no longer purely contained within the company, but is increasingly affecting clients, prospective clients and partners directly. Companies identify the costs associated with this lack of quality: considerable reduction in turnover (36%), substantial drop in employee productivity and company profitability (43%), deterioration in the image of the company among its clients and prospective clients (45%).

Optimizing the contribution of IT to the performance of the company.

68% of the IT directors questioned say it is a high priority to improve IT quality in order to optimize the contribution of IT to business performance. Rationalisation of IT costs is also mentioned as another major concern (69%). At the same time, the IDC study reveals that more than half the companies questioned (51%)--have not organized an IT quality policy. However, the results of the study do show an awareness on the part of these companies: 49% of the companies without a policy intend to initiate one in the medium term, increasing the percentage of companies with a policy to...

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