Tumblr and MySpace hit by 'mega breach'.

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Reports have surfaced that both Tumblr and MySpace have been hit by a "mega breach", with hundreds of millions of hacked account details being advertised for sale online. In both cases, the logins appear to have been stolen several years ago, with the breach only just recently coming to light. The incident comes in the same month that it emerged a four year old database containing more than 167 million LinkedIn credentials had been traded online.

Lisa Baergen, Director at NuData Security commented." I sound like a broken record; but here we are again. Just as consumers start to feel secure, news of yet another breach hits the wire. No matter how long it takes to come out, the bottom line is that you have to stop thinking " what IF" and accepting it should be seen as " WHEN" ...

Although usernames and passwords can be changed, victims of a breach need to understand that every bit of information exposed is important and may sit dormant for some time. These credentials are likely sold in packages on the dark web and compiled out of solid profiles of your online identity. Fraudsters are learning that information stolen from various breaches can create more comprehensive 'identity bundles' which sell for a higher value to hackers. With more complete information, more fraud can take place.

As an example, if I'm a hacker and gain access to geographical data on John...

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