Ethiopia's young and dynamic prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, lauded in 2019 on the international stage for his remarkable leadership and governance, demonstrates the incredible impact young and dynamic leaders can have on the African continent. The young trailblazers we have chosen to highlight here are serving their countries with that same innovation and dynamism, through a broad range of expertise. We are inspired by their service and need to encourage more young people, as well as senior leaders, to take up this leadership mantle on the continent.

1 Houda Imane Faraoun

Age: 40

Minister of Post, Information Technology & Communication, Algeria

2 Kamissa Camara

Age: 36

Minister of Digital Economy and Planning, Mali

3 David Moinina Sengeh

Age: 32

Chief Innovation Officer of the Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation, Sierra Leone

4 Jumoke Oduwole

Age: 46

Special Adviser to the President of Nigeria on Ease of Doing Business, Nigeria

4 Akintunde Oyebode

Age: 40

Special Adviser/Director-General Ekiti State Investment Promotion Agency, Nigeria

5 Clare Akamanzi

Age: 40


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