Toshiba Memory Europe and OSR Enterprises AG Extend Their Collaboration.

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Toshiba Memory Europe GmbH and OSR Enterprises AG (OSR), creator of the EVOLVER automotive platform for connected, autonomous, shared and electric mobility, have announced that they will extend their collaboration on OSR's in-car Datacenter to enhance live data management and logging in cars. The cooperation will combine the technical know-how of both companies and will create a "Datacenter on Wheels" with high-density and low-power solid state drives.

OSR's EVOLVER is a high-performance central "Al brain" for ultra-smart, autonomous and securely networked vehicles. The hardware and software platform reinvent the in-vehicle architecture, provides the computing power for the car of the future and operates as a central data hub which stores, processes and analyzes real-time data for artificial intelligence and analytical insights. The data and information are crucial for autonomous driving, customized user-experiences and is the foundation for new automotive business models.

One of the elements supporting this capability is an advanced high-density in-car storage. The collaboration with Toshiba Memory Europe contributes to OSR's ability to meet the...

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