TMF Group Holding B.V., Q1 2015 Results

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Operational Highlights Q1 2015

Completed acquisition of PwC Brazil's outsourcing division. Employee numbers (FTE) now exceed 5,800. Financial Highlights Q1 20151

On a management basis, group revenue up 21.6% to €117.2 million (Q1 2014: €96.4 million): Corporate Services, Structured Finance and Private Client Services up by 21.6%, 21.3% and 22.1% respectively; EMEA, Americas and APAC region up by 14.8%, 27.8% and 97.6% respectively; On a management basis, group EBITDA2 increased 22.2% to €30.8 million (Q1 2014: €25.2 million). On a management basis, EBITDA margin 26.3% (Q1 2014: 26.1 %); On a management basis, net loss of the quarter increased by €7.4 million to €13.3 million (Q1 2014: €5.9 million); On a statutory basis, cash generated from operations (excluding associates) increased by €10.9 million to €43.4 million (Q1 2014: €32.5 million) or 141.4% of EBITDA (Q1 2014: 129.0% of EBITDA); On a management and like for like3 basis, revenue growth of 7.6% and EBITDA growth of 8.1%. View the complete press release here.

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