Tier 2 Migrants And Identity Cards For Foreign Nationals

Author:Ms Caron Pope and Louise Carson
Profession:CMS Cameron McKenna LLP

Biometrics Appointments and Identification Cards for Foreign Nationals

From 6 January 2010, all migrants making an application under Tier 2 in the UK will be required to submit their biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) in order to obtain an Identification Card for Foreign Nationals (ICFN), which will replace the vignette in the passport. Employers should ensure that they retain a copy for their files. Children under 6 are also required to attend but will only be required to have a digital photo taken. Most applications will be submitted by post and there will no longer be scope for applications to be submitted via the fast track by representatives. However, one-day in-person appointments will be available at a premium fee, although employers should note that currently these appointments are booked up months in advance.

Procedure: Postal Applications

Once the application is submitted by post, the UK Border Agency will send a letter to the applicant requesting that they and any dependants submit their biometrics (the aim is for the letter to be sent within 1 week). Applicants are required to attend even if they have given their biometric date before, for example when they first sought entry clearance to enter the UK.

Applicants will be invited to submit their biometrics in one of the following ways:

by booking an appointment either online or by telephone to attend one of the 11 biometric enrollment centres across the UK; or by attending a walk-in appointment at one of the 17 Post Office biometric enrollment centres (please note that only applicants with certain post codes will be invited to use this facility). Procedure: Premium One-Day Service

Applicants can choose to book a premium appointment which provides a 1-day service for a higher fee. The applicant will submit their application and supporting documents in person and provide their biometrics on the same day.

For both Postal and Premium applications, successful applicants should receive their ICFNs within 10 working days of submitting their biometrics.


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