Position:2019 Tokyo International Conference on African Development

TICAD 7 will focus on the promotion of private investment. It will also focus on human resources development, vocational training and the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as it has done in the past and which is a major feature of the Japanese approach to aid.

Japanese SMEs, the backbone of the Asian nation's economy have so far been reluctant to venture into Africa. This is largely because they do not have sufficient knowledge of the opportunities presented by Africa.

TICAD 7 will provide African countries with an excellent platform to finalise potential partnerships with Japanese companies and investors.

The three discussion pillars for TICAD are:

* Accelerating economic transformation and improving the business environment through innovation and private sector engagement. Key areas include economic diversification and industrialisation; debt transparency and sustainability; quality infrastructure; and investments in agriculture and the blue economy.

* Deepening a sustainable and resilient society by focusing on health, education, environment and disaster risk reduction.

* Strengthening peace and stability, including issues over institution building and good governance refugees and internally displaced people.


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