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Webroot have also announced that it has detected malicious software being propagated as campaign videos for John McCain and Barack Obama. Hackers are taking advantage of unsuspecting users during the U.S. Presidential election season by utilising the Gnutella file sharing network and seeding it with malware disguised as material relevant to the campaigns. This file sharing network is commonly accessed by clients such as LimeWire and FrostWire.

A search of the FrostWire network indicated that of the 34 search results for "Obama Speech" 14 contained active malware while five of the 19 results for "McCain Speech" were found to be harboring malware.

"Peer to peer networks pose some of the greatest security risks on Internet," said Webroot. "Because P2P networks lack the security measures found in enterprise networks or trusted Websites, users of these networks may put themselves or their companies at increased risk by downloading malicious content or leaking confidential data."

The most common malware variant spreading through this method is W32/Zipwire. Users become infected with the malware after downloading a zip file with a name such as "Democratic Convention 2008--Barack Obama Acceptance" The contents...

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