Things past and things pending.

Author:Kishtainy, Khalid
Position:Mosaic - After Arab Spring

The widespread disappointment with the Arab Spring, now renamed by some 'Arab Winter,' prompted many satirists, critics, graphic artists and even-handed historians to produce comparative materials contrasting things as they were in Ayyam Al Khair (the good old days) before this so-called Arab Spring with things as they are now, under the rule or influence of the Islamist parties that usurped the uprising of the enlightened people, mostly young, liberal, feminists and/or leftists.

One observer noted that during Ayyam Al Khair, people used to perform their prayers in the privacy of their homes and then go out for a drink with their friends in public. Nowadays, they go out to the mosque and perform their prayers in public and then return home and drink their arak in private.

That is how things have turned out under the governments of the Islamists, probably the only real change they could bring about in the lives of the ordinary people.

I remember that when I was a student at the Law College, we used to give the front seats to our female colleagues. Now, you see them always huddled together with their hijabs around their heads, or the black niqab on their faces, right in the back rows.

During Ayyam Al Khair, students at girls schools used to form a line to cheer and clap for any girl coming to school after casting off her hijab. Nowadays, they perform the same ceremony for anyone joining them in wearing the hijab.

When a child fell ill, his mother used to take him to the doctor. Nowadays, she takes him to the mullah.

In Iraq, one dinar was worth three...

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