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Author:Boctor, Hoda
Position:Referendum on new Egyptian constitution - Brief article

The results of Egypt's January referendum on a new constitution should come as no surprise to anyone. The poll was after all, something akin to the popular television show The X Factor or one of its many international spin-offs, where, after much hype and debate, the "most acceptable" competitor is usually the victor.

Since the democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi was ousted from power last July, following mass protests against his rule, army chief General Abdel Fattah Al Sisi has become the country's pin-up boy, with his image on tee-shirts, mugs and every conceivable street souvenir.

The referendum, was billed by the General as the first milestone in a political transformation on the long road to presidential and parliamentary elections and an event that would ultimately bring stability to Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood called for a boycott of...

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