The turbulent world of Middle East soccer.

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The turbulent world of Middle East soccer

James M Dorsey

Published by Hurst & Co

ISBN 9781849043311

Price 5.99 [pounds sterling] paperback


James M. Dorsey introduces the reader to the world of Middle Eastern and North African football--an arena where struggles for political control, protest and resistance, self-respect and gender rights are played out. Politics was the midwife of soccer in the region, with many clubs being formed as pro-or anti-colonial platforms and engines of national identity and social justice. This book uncovers the seldom-told story of a game that evokes deep-seated passions.

Football fans are shown to be a major political force and one of the largest civic groups in Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood: their demands for transparency, social justice, and an end to corruption sparked vicious street battles that left scores dead and...

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