The top 5 cybersecurity tips to protect SMEs.

Author:Gillan, Darren
Position:IT Trends Report 2017

Cybersecurity is fast becoming an issue on everyone's agenda and the recent WannaCry breach was a timely reminder that the problem is not going away.

From major corporations such as WPP, which suffered a breach during the global Petya ransomware attack, to the public sector where the Government's Cyber Schools Programme is set to launch next month, more and more people are becoming affected.

A recent government survey revealed that a staggering 46% of British businesses suffered at least one IT security breach in the last year, with the statistic rising to around two thirds for medium sized businesses.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips to help protect your business:

You are not too small a target

The National Crime Agency found in its 2016/17 report on cyber threats that attacks are becoming increasingly easier to commit; putting aside the misunderstood notion that all cyber-attacks are carried out by highly trained hackers who only target large corporations. SMEs are often targets because, just like consumers, they are more vulnerable to the random, crude and unmethodical attacks that cybercriminals disperse. Many simple and easy to use types of malware will cheaply steal passwords and usernames: hardly sophisticated. As a result, smaller companies should be just as proactive as their larger counterparts in protecting themselves from hackers, as the playing field is more level than people realise.

Create a formal policy on cybersecurity

Bad habits and human error are to blame for a worrying proportion of digital breaches. Workers can often be haphazard in how they approach cybersecurity, if they do at all. Misplaced staff USB sticks as well as shared, predictable passwords that aren't regularly updated are all potential security risks. Every business should have a comprehensive formal cyber security policy to ensure it's always front of mind for its employees. You could try introducing cyber security seminars just as you would with any other topic you feel is crucial to increasing productivity. Train your workforce to actively think about cybersecurity.

Access Control

Limiting access to files and information according to user need should be a default IT policy for every business. Conversely...

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