The Royal Bank: Ghana's bank of choice: Q&A with Robert Bentil MD of The Royal Bank.

Position:FINANCIAL SERVICES - Robert Bentil

What are The Royal Bank's main business areas / who are your target clients?

The main business areas of the Bank include agro-processing, oil and gas, energy, mining, construction, telecommunications, hospitality and commerce.

As a universal bank, we are authorised to provide banking services to the general public. We have also developed product specific offerings to our target market with the aim of meeting their unique financial needs. These targeted customers include high net worth clients, corporate businesses, small medium enterprises, individuals and employees.

As a customer-centric bank, The Royal Bank has developed products and services to meet the needs of its target market. In the case of high net worth customers the bank has developed customised banking solutions such as private banking services. For corporate and small and medium enterprises,

The Royal Bank offers products such as trade finance, term loans, overdrafts, investments, certificate discounting facilities, contract financing, advisory services and project financing services.

In the case of customers who are interested in international trade and import & export, The Royal Bank has trade finance services such as pre-export financing, pre-shipment advance, negotiation of bills under export letters of credit, import bill financing, discounting of bills under collection and negotiation of export bills for collection and import letters of credit. The Bank also offers credit facilities for companies and businesses for the purpose of trade and commerce. Services available under these products include overdrafts, revolving loans, invoice discounting, distribution financing, term loans, local purchase order financing, bankers acceptance, bridge loans, warehouse financing, project financing, leasing, and guarantees.

To also satisfy the banking needs of individuals and employees, the Bank, after extensive research, launched seven unique consumer products to meet the financial needs of its customers. Four of such products, themed Consumer Loans, are made up of The Royal Personal Loans, The Royal Salary Overdraft, The Royal Scheme Loan and The Royal Consumer Asset Finance. The products have been designed and...

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