The rich man's justice.

Author:Ankomah, Baffour
Position:Baffour's Beefs - Terrorism and world politics

All of us, (Africa and the rest of the World) should speak out loud and clear and impress upon the Americans to temper their grief and anger with justice, and that their response to the 11 September atrocities "must be consistent with the principles of international law".

It was Menzies Campbell, the Liberal-Democrats MP in Britain, who first spoke it on 14 September: "This sovereign House of Parliament and this nation cannot give a blank cheque [to America] for military action," he said at the emergency recall of parliament. "I want to stress that any response must be based on clear and unequivocal intelligence, that it must not be disproportionate and that it must be consistent with the principles of international law."

He continued: "There is a risk here of what is sometimes called the rich man's justice, lest by the over-whelming zeal with which we pursue the perpetrators of these terrorist acts, we give the impression that the lives of citizens of the richest countries are worth more than the lives of citizens of the poorest."

Which is what it is! George Orwell and his Animal Farm must be turning in their graves.

But before I go further, let me first look at another aspect of "rich man's justice" affecting Africa.

There is this fanciful notion making the rounds, as usual coming from the West, that if one African country is in crisis, it necessarily affects investments (read foreign] not only in that particular country, but the whole sub-region and the continent at large.

The Malawian president, Bakili Muluzi, has become the newest convert to this spurious idea and before he makes a zeal of it, he should be advised to check his facts first.

This shameful piece of sophistry was even allowed to creep into the Abuja Agreement on Zimbabwe. The land crisis, the agreement said, poses a threat to the socio-economic stability [read foreign investments] of the entire sub-region and the continent at large".

Nothing can be a more nonsensical piece of pap!

The island of Ireland (encompassing both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) is a mere 32,588 sq miles in total. It is even smaller than Liberia (which is 43,000 sq miles).

Northern Ireland (size: 5,452 sq miles) has been in turmoil since 1969. And there is no end in sight.

Yet from 1969 to date, the Irish Republic to the immediate south of the crisis-torn North, has received more foreign investment than any country in Europe. So much so that one Irish woman recently called the BBC Radio 5...

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