The Man in my Basement.

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The Man in my Basement


By Walter Mosley

[pounds sterling]7.99 Serpent's Tail

ISBN 1-85242-790-6

Hailed as a masterpiece and the finest work yet by the great African-American novelist Walter Mosley, The Man in my Basement tells the story of a young black man, Charles Blakey, who cannot find a job, drinks too much, and, worst of all, stands to lose the beautiful home that has belonged to his family for generations. All that changes, however, when a stranger. Anniston Bennet, offers $50,000 to rent out the young man's basement.

Blakey needs the money too badly to say no. But he begins to regret his decision when a delivery, addressed to Bennet, arrives containing a dozen boxes and a notebook bearing the instructions for the...

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