The making of a Salafi Woman.

Author:Inge, Anabel
Position:Brief article - Book review

The making of a Salafi Woman

Paths to conversion

By Anabel Inge

Published by Oxford University Press

ISBN 9780190611675

Price [pounds sterling]22.99 hardback

The spread of Salafism--often referred to as Wahhabism--in the West has intrigued and alarmed observers since the attacks of 9/11. Many see it as a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam that condones the subjugation of women and fuels Jihadist extremism. This view depicts Salafi women as the hapless victims of a fanatical version of Islam. Yet in Britain, growing numbers of educated women--often converts or from less conservative Muslim backgrounds--are actively choosing to embrace Salafism's literalist beliefs and strict regulations, including heavy veiling, wifely obedience, and seclusion from non-related men. How do these young women reconcile such difficult demands with their desire for university education, fulfilling careers, and suitable husbands? How do...

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