The Hairdresser of Harare.

Author:Otas, Belinda
Position::Brief article - Book review

The hairdresser of Harare

By: Tendai Huchu

Published by Waver Press

ISBN: 978-1848-76-2213

"There's only one secret to being a successful hairdresser and I have never withheld it from anyone: 'Your client should leave the salon feeling like a white woman.'Not Coloured, not Indian, not Chinese"-- Sisi Vimbia


Welcome to Khumalo Hair and Beauty Treatment Salon, where Vimbia reigns supreme as the best hairdresser in Harare. However, she is dethroned when the smooth-talking and charming Dumisani arrives. A young man who knows his way around a comb better than the women whose hair he styles, Dumisani comes to apply for a vacancy at the salon. In spite of the underlying tensions that ensue, a friendship develops between both hairdressers, and as fate would have it, Vimbia becomes Dumi's landlady.

It soon comes to the fore that they need each other more than they are willing to admit, for they have secrets and family challenges...

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