The ghosts who want to vote.

Author:Asmah, George F.
Position::Brief Article

With barely a few weeks to the December elections, Ghana's electoral commission has discovered that the country's revised voters register contains 1.5 million people in excess of the eligible voters recorded during this year's population census.

According to the census figures, 9.2 million people (or 50% of the 18.4 million national population), are eligible to vote, but the voters register somehow show 10.7 million eligible voters. Dr Kwadwo Afari-Djan, chairman of the National Electoral Commission, (NEC) made this disclosure in Accra recently.

According to him: "The population figures issued after the 2000 census indicated that 50% of the 18.4 million people counted fell under the voting age. This means that the voters register should have recorded about 9.2 million eligible voters...The 1.5 million excess is an issue to worry about."

He attributed the discrepancy to "certain misconduct", including multiple registration by people wanting to replace lost voter-identity cards, registration by those who moved houses when the voters register was re-opened; and under-age or minors who registered as adults.

He admitted that there were still ghost names on the voters register as only 190,676 names of dead people were removed during the nationwide removal exercise earlier this year.

"We [the NEC] suspect that some names on the register in the Ga District, for instance, might be fraudulent and we will publish them and request that people who claim to be duly...

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