The fall of Robert Mugabe.

Author:Kemp, J.
Position:Readers' Views: LETTERS & COMMENTS - Letter to the editor

Kudos for your coverage in "The decline and fall of Robert Mugabe' (New African, December 2017). Anver Versi's editorial was a brilliant analysis of the corrupting influence of the unchecked hunger for power that afflicts so many of our leaders. Indeed, what a leader Mugabe might have been, given his various gifts, but the intoxication of power saw him being hounded out of office when he could have exited with so much dignity.

Baffour Ankomah's report on the machinations behind the 'coup that wasn't' provided an invaluable insight into the machinery of power and influence that controlled Zimbabwe for three decades. His earlier pieces had alerted readers to the fact that the situation in that country had reached breaking point and that we should be ready for dramatic developments.

It is coverage like this that makes New African unique and...

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