The Encrypted Pocketbook of Passwords: new book crushes 1/10 chance of cyber fraud. The key? Write those passwords down!(AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY) (Book review)


Written by information security expert, Raef Meeuwisse, 'The Encrypted Pocketbook of Passwords' allows individuals to maintain multiple passwords across multiple online accounts, without ever losing track. The book's aim is to combat the risk of individuals using one password for everything, a huge contributory factor to the recently-released statistic that one in every ten Brits has been the victim of an actual or attempted cyber-attack in the past year.

--Everyone does it; using one password for all of their online accounts as it's so easy to remember. It's a dangerous and potentially life-destroying strategy, and a huge contributor to a recent Crime Survey of England and Wales report that one in every ten people was the victim of an actual or attempted cyber-attack last year.

A game-changing new book from the team at Cyber Security Simplicity Ltd aims to lock the attackers out for good, by allowing individuals to create individual passwords for individual accounts, and write them down so they're totally "offline". If the book is lost or stolen--those passwords are still safe.

The Encrypted Pocketbook of Passwords' proves that the old methods work best; no risky online password loggers, no "one password fits all", no recurring subscription fee and a huge decrease in the chances someone will become a victim of cyber fraud in the first place.


Some people re-use the same password across many different online accounts. For security reasons, this is highly dangerous and inadvisable. This is because, if any cyber criminal steals your username and password information from one place, one of the first things they usually do is to try those same details in many other online services. Writing your passwords down is usually fraught with risks. 'The Encrypted Book of Passwords' helps you to store your passwords more securely in a physical format that you can read but others will find hard to break. This book is designed by a leading security expert and...

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