The day after.

Author:Njururi, Blamuel
Position:Kenya - Brief Article

President Mwai Kibaki's new government has now come face to face with the realities on the ground. Blamuel Njururi reports.

The new National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) government in under President Mwai Kibaki is coming to terms with its election pledges and a myriad of problems inherited from 40 years of KANU rule. Among the top priorities are combating insecurity, war on corruption, provision of free primary education and affordable health care. So far, insecurity is proving to be the biggest headache of Kibaki's government. As the president himself lay in a Nairobi hospital following about of high blood pressure and clotting in a leg he broke in an accident last December, reports circulated in the capital alleging that some members of the presidential guard planned to storm State House and shoot indiscriminately. It was not clear whether they planned to assassinate President Kibaki, but he decided to take no chances. The reports gained credence when Kibaki changed guards at State House a day after he was discharged from hospital. Those removed included a ring of former President Arap Moi's Kalenjin tribesmen. Kibaki is expected to carry out a similar purge in the state intelligence service, the police force and the armed forces.

Elsewhere, the introduction of free primary education caught most public schools in the country unawares. Many did not have room for the overwhelming numbers of children who turned up for enrolment. As it struggled to fulfil its pledge for free primary education and affordable medical services, the government has suddenly realised that there is not enough money to pay for it. On the economic front, the ministry of finance opened...

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